About Us

The Asian American Law Enforcement Association (AALEA) - National Capital Region (NCR) was established in Fairfax County, Virginia, in 2004. AALEA-NCR is a non-profit organization and a chartered member of the National Asian Peace Officers Association (NAPOA). AALEA-NCR members are comprised of mostly Asian-American police officers, sheriff deputies, and federal law enforcement officers and civilians. AALEA-NCR represents various law enforcement agencies in the Washington metropolitan region and reflects the incredible diversity in both the public and law enforcement communities that we serve.

The goals of AALEA-NCR are to promote and strengthen positive relationships between the Asian communities and its respective law enforcement agencies. In addition, AALEA-NCR supports and promotes equal opportunity in recruitment, retention, mentoring, career development, and advancement of Asian-American Officers in their profession.

Our Mission

  • To provide leadership and mentorship in the field of law enforcement to AALEA-NCR members.
  • To encourage and support the opportunities of Asians in their respective law enforcement fields and to serve as a forum for discussion and advice on professional issues.
  • To proactively engage in the communities served by AALEA-NCR members throughout the National Capital Region.